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Medication Refills

For patients who have maintenance prescriptions, we ask that you remember to ask for your refills at the time of your office visit. When appropriate we will try to renew those for a full year to make the process more efficient for both patient and their physician. When prescription refills are needed between visits we ask that you give us fair notice so we may handle things properly.

We take phone messages for routine prescription refills during office hours, and not after-hours or on Sundays and holidays.

You can request prescription refills on maintenance medications by a telephone call to your pharmacy or to our office.  Your physician will review your request and, if appropriate, contact your pharmacy.  We do not mail written prescriptions unless you have provided us with stamped, self-addressed envelopes.  We are not allowed by state laws to call or fax refills for some narcotic medicines, so you will have to pick up these written prescriptions.  We will not approve any refills if you have not been seen by your doctor within an appropriate time period as determined by your doctor, and may not approve refills for controlled substances unless we have seen you recently.

We will not prescribe any controlled medicines, narcotics or sedatives, after office hours.

We no longer fill out mail order prescription forms for our patients.

For mail order, we will write your prescription on our prescription pad and you may pick it up. It is your responsibility to complete your prescription form and mail it in. Please allow us enough time to write your prescription(s).  Pre-notification is appreciated.

Also as part of this policy, we cannot fax or mail your mail order forms. Again, we will call you when they are ready for pick-up; please do not call our office inquiring on their 'readiness'.

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